I am a millennial mommy.

Being a mom in a digital world – a world where everyone is struggling to survive and thrive and project the most perfect version of their lives to one another – is hard af.

You’re constantly judged and worry about having it all andΒ having it all be showcased. You want the perfect house, the perfect kids, and the perfect career. And your Instagram feed might fool people, but millennial women who are also mothers are feeling a constant burnout from working, cooking and cleaning, and ensuring our kids learn and hit their milestones.

Being a millennial mom means Googling every question before turning to the mothers in our own life for advice. It means proving ourselves to our bosses that our kids won’t get in the way of doing our jobs. It means constantly stressing over each run to the grocery store (an escape we once loved) because you want to feed your children food that is healthy, organic, sugar-free, and is also something your kids won’t throw off of their high chairs.

Being a millennial mom is exhausting, which is why we give each other permission to w(h)ine about it at home.

As painful as it is to mom in the twenty first century, we almost always feel isolated. We need a community of women who are also connected by a feeling of not being able to keep up or be the best mom we can be.

Millennial mommy is a place where we can be free to be honest, share our thoughts we’re too afraid to admit, and be our true, hardworking, career-oriented, and super lost selves who are just trying to figure it all out, keep their kids alive and happy, and survive another day.

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Jessica Wright is a professional writer and creator of millennial mommy. She hails from Ottawa, ON, Canada and lives with her husband and twin toddlers, Sophie and Chloe. She is experienced in the field of marketing and advertising and is a freelance content marketer. If you’d like to contact Jessica with comments or work, email her at jbailey.wright@gmail.com.