The Sophie Diaries

In a looooong overdue follow-up to my post The Chloe Diaries, it’s now Sophie’s time to shine!

Sorry it took so long, Soph. I swear, we don’t have favourites. Mommy’s just been a tad lazy – er, busy – lately.

Ya know, when it comes to explaining Sophie, it’s a bit of a challenge. She’s one-of-a-kind, and I don’t mean that in a “my baby is a unique snowflake” sort of way. Sophie is seriously everything someone can be, packaged in the shape of a toddler. It’s amazing to see and overwhelming at the same time.

Our little loaf of Soph, Loafie Sophie, can be sassy and sweet and spunky all at once. She’s silly, stubborn, strong-willed, and shy. Basically, she’s every descriptive term that begins with the letter ‘S’, pairing with her name perfectly. She’s also sleepy. Like, all the time. She’s one of those non-morning people who wake up grumpy. I already know that when it comes to waking her up for school in a couple of years, it won’t go over well. Chloe is no help, either. Chloe wakes up cheery and full of energy, always waking up Sophie before she’s ready. We should get Soph some pjs that read, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”

Sigh. Soph. Little Soph Soph.

Even though Chloe and Sophie were born seven minutes apart – Soph came second, weighing only 3 lbs and 13 oz – Soph has played the part of little sister since the day she knew there was another baby in the room to look up to. Watching Chloe in that first year of life was something that Sophie used as a template for performing the same actions. From her bassinet in early infancy, she observed everything, taking it all in and storing it for future use.

Sophie is cautious by nature, which is why she made sure that Chloe took the first go at anything that involved even the slightest bit of risk – crawling, walking, trying new foods. And it wasn’t until she knew she could get it right did she even attempt it on her own. She gave it time, stored up the information in her head, and then reached that milestone. Even when getting a cold, Chloe gets hit with the sniffles, and then a day later Sophie starts feeling the blues.

Sophie is a thinker. Every time you look at her, her mind is churning and assessing her surroundings. She’s crazy smart, and we’re just waiting for all that knowledge to spew out of her like a garden hose one day.

WAIT FOR IT. She’s going to surprise us all one day.

She already surprises us.

And while she’s not physically animated, her facial expressions are definitely working in her favour – serious, shy, exuberant! When she laughs, she laughs. She throws herself into a full belly laugh, all of her teeth exposed, voicing the cutest chuckle you’ve ever heard. I live for the moments that Soph is happy like that. My heart may just explode when I can make her grin from ear to ear, because if you’re close to our family, you know that Soph is stingy with affection. You really gotta work for that hug, kiss, smile, or giggle, but the reward is WELL worth the wait.

Because when Sophie loves, she loves with all her heart. Anyone will tell you that she is hands down a Mommy’s girl, but she makes sure to spread the love around. Not only is she a smart cookie, but she’s emotionally intelligent. She’s thoughtful, compassionate, and caring, which is why if she cuddles for ten minutes with Mommy, you can guarantee that she’ll get up to walk over to Daddy to make sure that he’s not left out from the Snuggle Fest. She genuinely wants you to be happy and wants to help in making that happen. When Chloe is sad, she comforts her by bringing her a blankie or bunny or pacifier. Although, Chloe does do the same for Soph. #TwinLove!

However, Soph also loves her independence. And learning. She smiles and says, “I did it!” when she rocks something on her own, clapping her hands and awaiting our praises. Lately, her desire to learn is overshadowing her shyness and observational tendencies, especially when it comes to enjoying nature, dipping a toe in the water or heading straight down the hiking trail without fear – much to Daddy’s delight!

While Chloe was the first to hit many childhood milestones before Sophie assessed, attempted, and achieved them on her own, we CAN say that Sophie was the very first one to poop in the tub!

CONGRATS, SOPH. That’s an accomplishment that you’ll carry with you the rest of you life.

But that’s not all she’s accomplished.

Sophie knows how to count to two! Okay, okay. Yes, two may be easy to count to, but she is hooked on this number. She holds up two fingers and says, “two” whenever she sees two of anything. She’s very proud of this, and so are we. We make sure to stay on top of reciting the word “three” whenever there is three of something. She’s almost got it now!

But I’m forgetting one key thing about Soph. She’s got an evil side to her.

You know when people ask, “So, which one is the evil twin?” Well, it’s gotta be Soph. Sometimes she can behave like she’s possessed. It’s scary. She’s also weirdly obsessed with ghosts. And when she cries – like, really cries – it’s frightening. Bone chilling. A cry that literally makes our skin crawl.

Even so, Sophie is sensitive. She needs love. She needs cuddles. She needs to be reassured that Mommy and Daddy are near. She is also the one who has the most trouble with bed time because of this. She gets slight separation anxiety; an extremely sad thing when we say goodnight or leave for work.

Maybe it’s from all the ghosts? 😉

But, I’m only half joking. Sure, Soph can scare the crap out of us sometimes with her shrieks, but she’s definitely not full-blown evil. She just needs all the love. And that’s okay. I’ll pick her up and give her a hug. I’ll sing her to sleep. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure our little Soph Soph is feeling the comforts she needs to successfully survive toddlerhood.

Hey, we’re trying to survive it, too.

Sophie’s favourite things? Babies (and their bottles are called “nim nims”, even after correcting her dozens of times), colouring (she calls any writing utensil – markers, crayons, pens – a “loo loo”. Don’t ask us why.) and fruit. She’s a fruit freak. Chloe steals most food from Soph, but when it comes to fruit, BACK OFF, MISSY. DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER BLUBE BLUBES!

I don’t think we’ll ever forget the wild noises she makes; alien-like clicking sounds and her infamous “deedle deedle deedle dee” she makes when she’s feeling silly. And the way she tries to act all serious, but can’t help but keep that smile beneath the fake angry face from creeping up on her. You can’t fool us, Soph!

She loves to play, especially with Mommy and Daddy. When we ask, “Where’s Sophie?” she immediately puts her hands across her eyes and hides, revealing herself, waiting for us to exclaim, “THERE she is!”, which is always followed by gleeful giggles. Or when we pretend we’re sleeping and snoring, she tries to wake us up. We shake ourselves out of a pretend daze and look at her and say, “Oh! I’m awake!” Again, instant glee.

One thing we’re still working on with her is getting her to pick up after herself. The toys she empties from the bins. The food she drops or tosses on the floor. But she won’t hold back in telling you that something is messy. She’ll get one speck of sauce on her clothes and she freaks, telling us “Messy!”. She’s a little OCD about this, but yet won’t pick up a damn thing.

However, she will take trash to the bin! There’s just something exciting about opening that garbage can lid, I guess. *Shrugs*.

Also, we’re desperately trying to upgrade her “Cuh” noise (which means Chloe) to pronounce her sister’s name fully. We know she can say it – she once screamed “CHLOEEEEEEE!” while looking for her – so it’s definitely in her somewhere!

The thing I love most about Sophie is how affectionate she is. The other day, she looked at me, patted my head and said, “Doux, doux, Mom-my”. Heart melting. “Doux” in our household means “gentle” or “soft”. We use it as a term to keep our girls from hitting and, instead, patting something gently.

Soph, our little spitfire. You’re much more than what you show on the surface. With time, you let people in, but you’re a tough nut to crack when it comes to trust. But hey, I feel you, girl. You don’t owe anyone anything, and you’ve already learned that lesson.

In many ways, you’re just like your Mommy. A pro at giving resting bitch face, crusty on the exterior to strangers, but warm and caring on the inside. Like crème brûlée!

Great, now I’ve got to go make some crème brûlée.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Auntie Manda says:

    Awww , Sophie! You stole aunties heart from the first second I saw you. I didn’t get as much as a hug for at least 24 hours but when I did, I swear it reached right into my soul and latched on! And her singing baby shark will FOREVER be ingrained into my brain. Man oh man I love your girls 💕


    1. J Wright says:

      Aww, omg Sophie’s hugs DO reach the soul! Awwww, Baby Shark! She still sings it. She sings it for everyone in the house. “Dad-dy shock, do do do”, “O-wee-o shock, do do do”. ❤ Yay Auntie Manda! So happy you got to meet and love and hug the girls. Was such a nice time to bond! So glad I got to hang with your cool kids, too! xoxox from Auntie J.


  2. Jocelyne Monette says:

    I usually identify Sophie by the concentrated look on her face and the slight concentration frown. What a joy she, and Chloé are. And Jess, you have such a sense of observation when you describe Sophie. I love your writing. Keep it up! What a great gift for the girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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