Time Warp

Every day is a marathon.

With the girls getting older and staying awake for longer stretches of time, each day seems endless. While the day is not task-a-lackin’, I find myself glancing at the clock and thinking, “It’s only 9 am!?”

Between feeds, diaper changes, nap times, dishes, playtime, and making myself a tea, time becomes a bizarre concept. The same routines, lasting different durations. What would seemingly take an hour has only taken 15 minutes.


Yesterday I was Super Mom. I completed every routine task; bums, bottles, chores. I also squeezed in baking cookies, grinding salt with my 15th century mortar and pestle, story time, and blog writing. This would all seem impossible two months ago, or would take all freaking day to accomplish. Now, I get everything done before noon. The hours drag, yet each hour is not without things to do.

Either I’m finally getting a knack for motherhood or something else is causing this phenomenon.

I have a theory. For the first six months after popping a slippery loaf (or two!) out of your own personal glove box, your brain is a good-for-nothing vat of mush. After this period of time, the brain begins to solidify into the reliable friend it once was.

The twins are now eight months old. Therefore, the brain requires much more stimulation than it did four months ago.

SO that’s my theory. I’m just bored.

In this time warp that is stay-at-home parenting, I somehow have lots of time, yet no time at all.



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